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Professional programs supporting natural conception!

Reproductive Nutrition is a specialist advisory service for men seeking to optimise their fertility using diet and lifestyle.  

If you wish to produce a healthy baby but are concerned about the quality of your sperm, we can help you!

Achieving conception, or, is your partner having difficulty maintaining pregnancy

Blood sugar management problems

Autoimmune conditions

Low testosterone and / or high estrogen

Varicocele complications

Erectile dysfunction

Loss of libido

Low sperm count and / or motility

Sperm DNA fragmentation


Food intolerances or nutrient deficiencies

Thyroid or adrenal problems

Chronic Stress

If you are concerned about any of the above, we can help you!

Research tells us that men account for 50% of all cases of infertility!

Science tells us that ‘faulty’ sperm can be responsible for many cases of miscarriage and even lowered mental capacity in children.

Many men are led to believe there’s nothing they can do about sperm quality beyond quitting smoking and drinking, but this is untrue.  

Only a very small percentage of men suffer from ‘true’ -or irreversible- infertility, and even then medical assistance can allow some to become fathers.

Many fertility problems can be resolved with the right approach and enough time, it’s all about getting your cells healthy!

Your success…and crucially, how long it takes you to achieve success…will be determined by the choices you make from now on.

You could go it alone, there are lots of books, websites and friends who can offer you decent opinions, or, you can take the road less travelled and get help from professionals who know the way, who can steer you clear of the pitfalls, ease your worries and save you an awful lot of time and angst.

It’s a personal choice!

We will meet you wherever you are on your own personal journey, and help you to plot a new course to get you back on track by guiding you in laying a strong foundation for a healthy conception.  

We support your body’s ability to produce high quality sperm so you can improve your chances of conceiving a healthy baby naturally.

Achieving this would allow you, and more importantly your partner, to avoid or at least minimise intrusive procedures – making your journey to parenthood enjoyable and self empowering!

If you want a quick chat about your options, or to see if we are suitable for you to work with, call me, Brendan, on +353 85 7461628 or drop us an email at  info@reproductivenutrition.com, or indeed use our contact form and we will get back to you asap.

The relationship we have with our clients is precious, and we always involve both partners in the discussion.

We’re not for everyone, we know that, and it’s fine!

Our approach may not suit you, and your approach may not suit us, so it’s best if we can figure this out as early as possible.

All kinds of guys take our programs, but the ones it works best for are different from the norm in one crucial way…they are ready to make at least some changes in their lives for the sake of their child-to-be.  

They tend to be self-motivated, successful in either business, sport or socially, they are up for a challenge and are prepared to take the time to do what needs to be done.

For these people it’s a wonderful journey and many report that our programs help them to have a clearer mind and healthier body which makes them more effective people in general!  

Win or lose everyone gains something precious from it.

We on the other hand can respect that a guy’s life can’t just ‘stop’ so as to go off on a healing journey, so we design our programs to meet you where you are at.  The plans are lean and effective, we’ve pared them down to the necessaries so you can fit them in, but you need to be clear about this…you WILL have to make some adjustments in your life…so long as you are up for this we are a good match!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to improve your health first – so that your children can be born in the fullness of theirs!

Our mission is to help you Sow Your Best Seed!

We are concerned by the alarming rise in childhood illness.  

Some of this is due to the parents state of health at the moment of conception.  

We want to solve this problem by helping our clients produce healthy babies, and we do this by focussing you on achieving superhealth and quality sperm in advance of your child’s conception.

What you do after that is your own business!


Fertility is a vastly complicated subject, we can’t guarantee you success -nobody can- but most of our clients do succeed!

You should know that we are prepared to go to the ends of the earth to find a way for you to succeed if it comes to that. You’ll be hard pressed to find anyone else out there who is as committed to finding a solution for you as we are, it’s a burden of work we bear with deep pride!

If you are prepared to go the distance with us, no stone will be left unturned!

That’s a promise!

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If you still think we are a good match…give us a call on +353 85 7461628 or drop us an email at info@reproductivenutrition.com, or indeed use our contact form here.  

We look forward to helping you and your partner achieve the baby of your dreams!

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