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A nutrition and lifestyle program based on your body’s specific needs will dramatically increase your chances of success once you understand the root cause of your issue!

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It’s hard to get testimonials in this business, it’s a very private subject.

But I do ask, and from time to time I do get some brave souls who are willing to say “I travelled that road“!

Enquire Today and I Will Get Back To You With Details and Booking Options

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Wondering About My Background?

Reproductive Nutrition is run by Brendan O’Brien NT MSc as a specialist nutritional advisory service for couples who are struggling to become pregnant and who wish to optimise their health in advance of conception.

I’m a qualified Nutritional Therapist

I earned a Master’s Degree in Science for Personalised Nutrition, and hold a Diploma in Nutritional Therapy.

I’m a registered member of my governing body the Nutritional Therapists Of Ireland

(I am married to Siobhan (who’s an adult ed. teacher), and we are owned by three children who warm my heart every single day!)

I worked for several years as a general nutritionist helping many adults and children overcome a variety of health challenges and I also teach nutrition and supervise clinical training at the Irish Institute of Nutrition & Health (

If there is one area I am drawn to most it’s infertility.  

The prospect of not being able to have my own children would have broken something in me, and so with gratitude it is my deepest wish to help others avoid that fate if at all possible!


I'd probably have become a professional yacht crew member and disappeared to Fiji many years ago had I been able to overcome intractable seasickness.